Alumni House Corporation Board

The Sigma Phi Sigma Theta Delta Chi Alumni Corporation Board is composed of six board members who were nominated and elected from the membership of our alumni base.  The volunteer board is entrusted by the Brotherhood to oversee the management and upkeep of the physical house structure at 305 E. Prospect Avenue. 


At the annual House Corporation Board meeting held during Homecoming, at least two board positions are open for election of new members or the re-election of current members. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Alumni Corporation Board, please contact Bill Shannon. 


In addition, your board is also interested in your feedback and assistance that you can offer us and the Brotherhood.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Alumni Board below with questions, feedback or offers of assistance. 

President Thomas "Wally" Stephan Sigma Triton '72
Vice President Chad Wuerdeman Sigma Triton '96


Jason Burhans Sigma Triton '03
Secretary Marty DeAngelo Sigma Triton '93
Member at Large Chris Malfara Sigma Triton '94
Member at Large Jesse Wargo Sigma Triton '96
Member at Large Pat Adams Sigma Triton '14

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