Regional House Corporation Meetings

The Regional House Corporation Meetings (Road Shows) are a great way for our Brotherhood to stay in touch.  Each year, the Alumni House Corporation Board strives to host two regional meetings in major population centers of Theta Delta Chi, Sigma Triton alumni. 


The agenda for these meetings is to present the "State of the House/Brotherhood", similar to what is reported out to the Brotherhood during the Homecoming meeting.  We also may present and vote upon governance matters such as amending our corporation bylaws.  Each meeting allows for ample time to address questions and concerns that brothers have in regard to the House, the Brotherhood or other important topics.  Following these meetings, we adjourn to a reception for reliving some tall tales about our time at Penn State and discussing where our lives have taken us since graduation. 


These events are a great opportunity for someone to become familiar with the brothers in their area.

Check out pictures from prior Regional Meetings below:

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