Sigma Phi Sigma Reunion

Theta Delta Chi Sigma Triton's foundation is rooted on the legacy of The Beta Charge of Sigma Phi Sigma.  Every two years since our entrance into Theta Delta Chi, we hold a Reunion Weekend for our Brotherhood that is focused on Sigma Phi Sigma.  The event is open to all Theta Delts from Sigma Triton, Brothers of Sigma Phi Sigma and their families.


The past Sigma Phi Sigma Reunion weekend was held at State College on June 12th through 14th, 2015.  We will post pictures from the weekend shortly.  We are planning the next weekend to be held during the Spring of 2017.


Pictures from the Sigma Phi Sigma Reunion held during the summer of 2015 are below:

Pictures from the Sigma Phi Sigma Reunion during the summer of 2013 are below:

Below are pcitures of our charge house and brotherhood from the 1950's.

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