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7/31/13 - Brother Vincent Amendolore Receives White House Internship

Brother Vincent Amendolore Sigma Triton '12 has been granted a White House Internship.  His internship will run from May 28, 2014 to August 9, 2014. 


From the Collegian:


Brother Amendolare, who graduated last spring with a BS in Finance from The Smeal College of Business, said he is assigned to the Office of Presidential Correspondence. Along with a group of interns, Amendolare said he reads the letters sent to the president from concerned citizens.


“These letters encapsulate the hopes and hardships of our citizens, and provide telescope views into the lives of the American people,” Amendolare said.


He added that President Barack Obama personally reads 10 letters from the public every day.


While at Penn State, Amendolare was a brother of Theta Delta Chi and President of the Order of Omega. After graduation, Amendolare said he wanted to be a teacher, which led him to Teach for America. Once the internship ends in early August, Amendolare said he plans to return to South Carolina, where he has been teaching high school English for the organization.


That experience lit a burning urgency in my soul to work towards finding a counterbalance for the inequities Americans face every day,” Amendolare said. “Immersing myself in a public service movement and putting young names and faces to those glaring inequities motivated me to apply to the White House Internship Program so I could learn firsthand how ideas and hopes become policies and change lives.


The transition from student life to public life has gone seamlessly for Amendolare, although he admits he didn’t think there could be anywhere in the world as happy as Happy Valley.


“Working in public service for strong missions, such as those of the White House and Teach for America, makes me get out of bed in the morning with a hunger to fall asleep in a world far better than the one I opened my eyes to,” he said.


Amendolare advised students to take advantage of Penn State and all it has to offer.


“Gravitate towards your passions. Find what you love, even if that means finding out what you really don’t love through trial and error,” Amendolare said. “Use college as a time to take some risks and fall flat on your face. There is no such thing as dreaming too big.”


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