Lost Brothers

With over 800 living alumnus of The Sigma Triton Charge of Theta Delta Chi, we sometimes lose track of the mailing address and email address for brothers.  The Brotherhood asks for your assistance in obtaining accurate contact information for these missing brothers, referred to as Lost Brothers.  If you are in contact with a brother listed below, please ask him to update his contact information via this site or if you desire, send us the update contact information for the brother.

Name Delegation
Frederick R.. Axelson 1972
George S.. Ziegler 1982
R. Joel Espada 1989
Robert "Kip" J.. McConville 1990
Eric J.. Harden 1998
Sandeep Sandirasegarane 2009
Yazid S.. Althnean 2013

Missing Emails Addresses

The Brotherhood is also seeking to obtain accurate email addresses for each brother.  So far, we've obtained over 85% of our memberships email addresses. We are seeking these email addresses to keep our Brotherhood notified on upcoming events, informed on what is happening with the Charge and their contact information up-to-date.  In the current 24-hour lifecycle, email has become one of the best methods of keeping in touch.


Please take a second to peruse the list of brothers with missing or invalid emails below.  If you are in contact with a brother on the list, please ask him to provide us his email address via this site or if you willing, send us the email address for this brother by clicking here.

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