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The Campaign for Theta Delta Chi at Penn State


Brothers, it’s our turn.


Nearly 100 years ago, our founding fathers from Iota Chi Delta and Sigma Phi Sigma planned, designed, and constructed our charge house at 305 East Prospect. This effort was financed by the alumni. They took a huge chance to continue and grow their traditions of
brotherhood. As it was then and continues to be now, their new home became an important part of our history of our brotherhood and traditions.

Today, our house is tired and in need of deep renovations. We need to bring up her up to code and safety. The first phase will include an addition with a new main staircase and bathrooms for each floor. The second phase renovates the living room and dining room with new flooring and electrical upgrades. A study room will be added. The basement redesign will include a new multipurpose room functioning as a new charge room, study hall, community activities area, and recreation/party room. Finally, a new HVAC system will be sized to accommodate large activities and ventilation for mold control. The final phase rebuilds the second and third floor individual living areas. The existing
bathrooms will be removed, new electrical will be installed, and mini-splits will be used for heating.

It is our turn. Just as the alumni in 1923 stepped up to build this grand old house to continue our traditions, it is our call to action to renovate our charge. Doing so, we honor our past and continue our traditions while encouraging future generations of Theta Delts to do the same. Please consider supporting this effort.

In the Bonds - Wally

Tom Stephan ’72
Sigma Phi Sigma-Theta Delta Chi Alumni

Current Campaign Status

We are currently at 50.0% of our $1 Million Goal. Please help us get to the full amount so that we can do all of the renovations and improvements we are doing to make the house land for 100 more years. Learn more about the planned changes by clicking on the button below.

Donate Today

There are many methods to donated to our House and Brotherhood.  Here are some methods:

  • You can sign up for a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual contribution, which will assist us in capital planning.
  • You can make a one time donation by credit card or check.


We are also open to receiving the assistance and support that you may be able to provide outside a donation.  In past renovation projects, brothers have stepped in to provide architecture services and general contracting support.  Brothers have provided assistance in setting up our eNewsletter and our website. We are open to considering offers of support to the brotherhood.

Theta Delta Chi Campaign Donor Board

Pledges received as of December 2019

Avillion Society ($100,000 or more)
Charles J Caffarelli Memorial Fellowship ($50,000 - $99,999)
Brian Henderson '91 The Dugan Family (Richard '63, Patrick '88 and Michael '21)  
Howard Kerr Foundation ($25,000 - $49,999)
Donald G.. Reinhard '49 Jan Steber '54 Ted Brown '68
Greg Gurev '89 Matt Miller '96  
Don Apel Alliance ($10,000 - $24,999)
Andy Kartalis '54 Wally Schlenter '62 Jim Fath '66
Michael Ruehr '67 Tom Stephan '73 Asim Al Raisi '93
Oscar Baumert '94 Chad Wuerdeman '96 Anonymous
Dick Divany Association ($5,000 - $9,999)
Carl Erickson '55 Tom Falkie '56 Bob Ferrari '57
Lynn Stump '68 Mike Crowley '69 Terry Larchuk '77
Tom Provost '78 George Kunkel '80 David J.. Krupitzer '81
Mike Chervenic '85 Tod Stenger '93 Craig Hoffman '94
Charles King '94 Chris Malfara '94 George Sobieralski '96
Chad Urso '96 Cuong Dang '01 Brett Hirsch '01
Bill Rottschaefer '01    
Jim Fath Order ($1,000 - $4,999)

Robert Montgomery ’54

Robert Fish ‘58 Joseph Preston '63
Roy Thompson '64 Charles Bolig ‘67  Anthony E.. Clifford '70
Tom Houck ’71 Gregory Gass '77 Scott Thompson ‘81
Charles Prula ’82 Scott Blake '84 Tom Corcoran ‘84
Brian Hurley ’84 Harry Weiss ’84 Michael F.. Blake '85
Michael MacMahon ’88 Earl Adamy '89 Brian Joesten ’89
Brian O’Shea ’89 Oscar Pacheco '89 Brian McDermott ’90
Matt Friedman ’91 J. Bryan Maseychik ’91 William T.. Walrond '91
Joe Sebastiani '92 Marty DeAngelo ’93 David R.. Stragand '93
David S.. DiBiase '94 Mike Potter ’94 Justin Baker '95
Adam Seiden ’96 Andrew Marzka '01 Mahmood Shehata '01
Paul Martinell ’02 Jason Burhans ’03 Eric Kelley ’08
Philip Parker ’08 Mike Houlihan ’09 Kyle Gilbreath ’09
Patrick Adams ’14    
The Beta Club (Up to $999)

Vinton Ostrander ’55

Thomas Ruth '66 Bart Young ’70
Tony DeAngelis ’71 James McCord '71 Peter Zarzycki '74
Anonymous '74 Bruce Scali ’75 Mark Swink ’79
David Doll ’81 Jack Goldstein ’84 Kevin O’Shea ’86
Justin Hopson '92 Steven R.. Gilbert '93 Bryan Schaeffer '01
Alex DiCanio ‘16 Kaye Hall Anonymous

"My membership in our great fraternity did not end after graduation. It is my responsibility to ensure our charge of Theta Delta Chi is alive and well, and the best way that I can do that, in lieu of spending my time there, is to donate consistently. This is the responsibility of each alum who says he loves the House and has the means to do so. We are one of the few fraternities who own our House, and I have a great sense of pride for that ownership in which I share. Our Brotherhood, our House and the values fostered there helped me grow into a better man and helped me find wonderful friends and allies that still enrich my life today — this is why I give to the House."

Michaeljohn A.. Tristani, Sigma Triton ’08

"As a proud alumnus of Sigma Triton, I am honored and compelled to give back to the House. I recall a time when I was president of the Charge in the mid-’70s and humbly asking for assistance from the alumni association for major issues within the House. Most often, we were accommodated as needed, and it not only made living in the House much more pleasant, it made the rush effort much easier. I cherish the bonds and friendships made through the years, both as an active and as an alum. I feel that the education and character building derived from living with my Brothers has contributed as much, if not more, as the classroom experience at PSU to the success I found throughout my career. I find that giving this same opportunity to future Theta Delts and creating an atmosphere within the physical plant of our House is an obligation we all should take seriously. The gift of friendships that last a lifetime is not to be taken for granted and allowing this to continue for generations is a gift we should all be willing to give. So many have sacrificed for “The Old Lady,” and giving back is a small price to pay for future generations to experience the same.”


Tim “Gus” J.. Gustafson, Sigma Triton '77

"I have always been really grateful for acceptance by my top choice fraternity at Penn State. All of the guys were great then and have been ever since. I am very proud of the success they all have had in their lives. I feel that the fraternity has continued to initiate top-quality Brothers who represent the House very well at PSU, within the State College community and ever increasingly within
the national office of Theta Delta Chi. I especially appreciate having had a place at Penn State to call home. I am glad to have had an excellent alumni corporation. It has done very well to keep up the House, now over 90 years old and very expensive to maintain.”

H. Ray Hallett, Sigma Triton '55

"Maybe I am little different: far from the House, Arab, English as second language and Muslim. With all of these differences and through many years, my loyalty remains as strong as the first day I pledged.”


Asim A.. Al-Raisi, Sigma Triton '91

“I would echo the sentiments about the friendships that I started at the House and the fact that they have grown stronger over the years. In a funny twist, I actually started donating more in the past couple years partly due to Brother Eric Kelley’s (SigTri ’04) efforts around the Charitos Society and the Ed Foundation. When I decided to send a check to that, it occurred to me that I should do more to support my home Charge. I also think that the e-mail list has helped to at least keep the House in the forefront of my thoughts.“

Tod A.. Stenger, Sigma Triton ’93

"Helping to ensure the future of the House to the benefit of others is an important priority for me. During my time at PSU, my pledge class had the good fortune of living in the House shortly after the kitchen, bathrooms and second floor were renovated. Though I can’t return to the House as frequently as I’d like, I enjoy going back and finding that things are still well kept and in working order. Likewise, when I see some of the areas of the House in disrepair, it motivates me to do even more to ensure a comfortable and safe living environment for my college Brothers. TDX has afforded me some of my best and lifelong friends over the years. Giving something back is the least I can do.”


Matt D.. Miller, Sigma Triton ’96

“My motivation is very simple. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years in the House and the friendships I made there. I want that ambiance to continue.”


Jan D.. Steber, Sigma Triton ’54

“I have to say I donate because I feel I was lucky to have found Sigma Triton. Not only did it give me Brothers whom I will treasure for life, it also gave me experience operating in an organization where people had differing opinions. I feel like it is under-recognized how much the ridiculousness of the House has actually prepared us for the ridiculousness of actual, real life.”

Phil R.. Parker, Sigma Triton ’08

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