"A friendship founded on mutual esteem and dependence..."
"A friendship founded on mutual esteem and dependence..."

House Renovations

In 1923, Brother H.O. Smith and other alumni funded the construction of our charge house at 305 East Prospect Avenue. From these brothers’ benevolence of $40,000 and the support of alumni since, our brotherhood has seen over 1,000 men pass through the halls of our home.


Over this time, our Brotherhood has continued to take pride in our House.  Whether it is the undergraduate membership completing a house project or work weekend or the alumni funding the installation of a new roof or remodeled kitchen, we have all continued to invest in the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of our House.


Below are just a few of the recent projects undertaken on our House over the past few years:

Sundeck Renovations

In Fall 2015 and Winter 2016, we replaced the Sundeck Railing, using the same architectural “look”.  We replaced the rubber membrane on the entire sundeck and installed new 1 and ¾ inch rubber tiles.  We used cedar fencing material.  The railing system should be good for the next 20 years. 

Boiler Replaced

The boiler that supports the steam radiator system finally ended its useful life; replacement cost, plus some additional work on individual radiators warranted an investment of $25,000. Believe it or not, the heating system still uses the original pipes and the steam boiler is not the most efficient among today’s technology, so we will still face significant HVAC cost during the capital renovation.

Alleyway Entrance Extended

We're pleased to inform you that the borough is taking steps to improve the alleyway entrance from Prospect Avenue that is adjacent to our property.  The borough is extending the curb of the alleyway to support the heavy vehicle traffic on the road and repaving the alleyway for the wear and tear that has impacted it during these past few years.  The road work should be completed before Fall 2015.

Basement Party Room, Pine Room and Hallway Renovated

During the summer of 2015, we undertook a variety of projects to improve the basement area of the charge house.  The tile floors were repaired, stripped and waxed.  The party room, pine room and hallways were painted.  The pine room walls and benches were repaired.  The laundry room was painted.  Lastly, we took efforts to seal areas of the foundation and the window wells to prevent any potential moisture issues. 

New WIFI Infrastructure Installed in Charge House

Thanks to a generous grant from the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation, equipment donations from Brother Scott Thompson and Ian Morris and the services of Brother Ian Morris and Bill Rottschaefer, the charge house now has a new business class internet system installed for all residents.  The new internet system includes WIFI access in all areas of the charge house and hardline wiring for each of the brothers' rooms. The new internet system will be up and running for the Fall 2015 semester.

Landscaping and Foundation Enhancements

During the summer of 2015, the landscaping for the house was upgraded to incorporate in the new borough recycling requirements.  Repairs and renovations were undertaken to seal the house foundation from any potential leaks.  The shed was also repaired and repainted.

Living and Dining Room Floors Refinished

The woods floors in the house were refinished in June 2015.  In addition, the external doors to the house were repainted and the trophy room and trophy case was cleaned..

New Roof Installed on the House

After more than 90 years, the time had come for us to replace the roof on our beloved house at the corner of Locust and Prospect.  Although the new roof is not slate, we utilized an architectural shingle that maintains the look of slate.  These shingles together with the plywood underneath and ice-water shield is a significant improvement from the prior roof.  Importantly, we've reset the useful life of the roof and anticipate it to last us for a very long time.


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Landscaping for Homecoming

For Homecoming 2014, the undergrads (Actives) undertook some landscaping at the House.  The lawn and the flower beds have not looked this good in years. 


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Foyer Repainting

Prior to the start of the Fall 2014 semester, the foyer was repainted and new carpets were install in the second and third floor hallways.


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Living Room Remodeling

The actives and the alumni remodeled the living room of the House.  Along with redoing the walls, new light fixtures were installed and new furniture was purchased for the living room.


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Basement Floor

Check out the remodeling of the basement floor by the actives.


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