Autism Speaks is TDX's National Philanthropy

For several years, Autism Speaks had been considered Theta Delta Chi’s “unofficial national philanthropy.” Several Charges supported Autism Speaks either by raising money or promoting awareness but there was no national network to bring it all together. This changed at a live meeting in November of 2011, when the 135th Grand Lodge voted unanimously to make Autism Speaks, Theta Delta Chi’s official national philanthropy.


Theta Delta Chi’s Charges work through Autism Speaks U, an initiative of Autism Speaks that supports college students in their awareness, advocacy and fundraising efforts. Since its inaugural event in 2006, Autism Speaks U has raised over $1 million and student walk teams have brought in millions more. There are over 50 official Autism Speaks U chapters across the country and hundreds of schools that host events.


Every school year, each Charge is asked to host at least one awareness and/or fundraising event benefiting Autism Speaks. Brothers are encouraged to work with their local Autism Speaks community and get their entire Charge involved. 

Autism Speaks U 5K Run / 3K Walk (April 11)

On April 11, 2015 the 10th annual "Autism Speaks U 5K Race/3K Walk" - See more at:
On April 11, 2015 the 10th annual "Autism Speaks U 5K Race/3K Walk" - See more at:


The 10th annual "Autism Speaks U 5K Race / 3K Walk" was held on April 11, 2015 in State College, PA.  Theta Delts had more than 90 runners participate in the race and raised an estimated $4,000 in suppot of the cause. 


If you are interested in reading the team roster or making a donation in support of our efforts, please click the button below:


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