President's Message

Message from Matt Nickles, outgoing TDX Sigma Triton Undergraduate President:

The Penn State University Sigma Triton Charge of Penn State University continues in its strides to improve and reform. Over the course of the last year, the brotherhood has seen many changes, as well as many of the same old traditions and rituals continued in hopes of continuing the charges legacy in Happy Valley. The last year has seen a total of 31 seniors graduate, with every single one continuing straight into a job, or some sort of post bachelors education, an accomplishment that sigma triton is very proud of.


The charge also kicked the fundraising into a high gear, raising one of our highest totals in recent years with our partner Alpha Delta Pi at a $76,406 total. The charge has set the goal even higher for the 2020 year and have high hopes of exceeding that goal and cracking the top ten. The tradition of the Autism Speaks 5k was continued and new events such as the TDX Fall Pumpkin Smash have been added with hopes of continuing to increase our philanthropy involvement, as well as aid in community relations.


The Sigma Triton brotherhood continues to be a unique group of guys with several different interests and hobbies, making every week an interesting one. Some brothers have thrown themselves into the music industry, some playing local bars and restaurants with his guitar, and others making music electronically in their room, but what's even cooler is when they came together to make a song as one. Other brothers have gotten involved with professional organizations as well like the Steelers, making the drive every Sunday to assist the team, as well as working as the lacrosse manager in the spring. A graduate from the fall also went on to win a Penn State Start-Up competition for his app that tested white blood cell count. This idea can revolutionize many different ways people will have their blood tested. Needless to say Sigma Triton is doing well, and have hopes of only improving.


In the bonds,

Matt Nickles

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